Jo Gumbley


Some testimonials from happy students

Jo was one of my first yoga instructors when I initially took up Yoga and I can safely say she had a major part in changing my life for the better. I worked in Finance and had become extremely stressed with the pressures of my work and very unhappy because of this. When a friend suggested I take up Yoga I laughed but eventually gave in as I needed some form of outlet. In my first class with Jo, she read a particularly poignant extract from her readings which touched the core of me and opened me up to the idea of letting go, not just of my mental stress but of all the preconceptions I had previously held about yoga.From then I was hooked. I took Jo’s Power Flow Classes once a week and gained more insight into the flow of life within me and around me. I gained a fantastic knowledge of my own body as if being in it for the first time and control of my movement as I had never had before. I am forever grateful for meeting the kind and lovely Jo and would recommend her classes to everyone.


Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed your classes at Red Hot Yoga over the past few years. It is such a pleasure to come to your yoga class – you teach with knowledge and precision (I love your flip dog demo- sheer perfection!) always offering modifications and making asanas accessible to all. You create a safe place, and also, a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in which to learn.

Your openness as a teacher, your love of yoga, your compassion and warmth shine through everything you do in class.

Thank you for the teaching!

Nina B

Jo’s yoga classes are awesome! I always feel challenged, and Jo reveals little ‘nuggets’ of advice each week to help further my practise. I always leave feeling exhilarated and happy, with a wonderful sense of calm.

Josey T

Jo is a wonderfully bright teacher that lights up the room. Her style of bringing energy and positivity in to a power yoga class is truly inspirational. She’s great!

Thank you so much.

John G